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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

About Us

Where are you from?

We are based in New York, USA and Vancouver, Canada. We ship clothes from multiple warehouses in Asia to keep prices low.

Do you have any (physical) stores?

We only sell online and don't have any physical stores.



You use Asian sizes?

Yes. This means our sizes run small. Please consult each item's size chart or order TWO sizes bigger. This means, for example, if you normally wear US/EU size S, you should order L on our website. If you normally wear US/EU size M, you should order XL.

Where is your size chart?

Each item has its own size chart. The size chart is in one of the pictures of the item. 

What if I receive the item, and the size is wrong?

Please contact us. We will do an exchange for you :)


Import/Customs Duties

Do I have to pay import/customs duties?

Generally, no. But if you do get charged customs duties, we will reimburse you. Please contact us with a picture of the receipt. 



Are there any taxes?

No. The prices you see are the prices you pay. (In other words, taxes are included in the price.)


Payment Methods

How do I pay?

We accept credit card, debit card, PayPal and Apple Pay ONLY. We are not able to accept other forms of payment (cash, iDEAL, . . . ) right now.

Do I have to pay USD?

Yes. We only accept USD. However, even if you don't have USD, your payment will automatically convert to USD. Paypal, Apple Pay, or your bank will convert for you. (For example, if you have a Euro credit card, your credit card will automatically change the money from Euro to USD when you pay.)

Can I pay after I receive my clothes?

No. Because we ship clothes via international air mail, there is no way for us to accept cash or other forms of payment after you receive the items. 



Will I get my package?

Yes. We guarantee delivery 100%. All of our packages are insured. If your package does not arrive within six weeks, you will get your money back :)

Please visit our Shipping page for additional shipping information.